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I am Woman


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Category: Documentary


26 South African women invite us into their daily spiritual lives and allow us to journey with them to understand their uniquely personal Leap of Faith.


Journalist and talk show host, Lisa Chait, meets a diverse group of spiritually driven women who have big life stories and even bigger explanations as to why they believe what they do. I Am Woman reflects on how these positive role models manage to sustain their faith day in and day out with life’s increasing challenges? What can Lisa and viewers learn about their spiritual paths and rituals, morals and values to potentially deepen their own personal relationship with the divine? 


Lisa creates a ‘spiritual book club’, a tapestry of information and experience from a group of ‘everyday goddesses’ whose life stories and spiritual journeys are transformative and inspiring.  We are human beings having a spiritual experience and this series will use this as a key point of reflection.  We ask: ‘What in our humanity, our socialised everyday selves, is holding us back from being fully expressed and as such more connected to the divine?


This is trailblazing spiritual television and a show that will get people talking.  I Am Woman celebrates the humanity in spirituality whilst educating on the rich and diverse beliefs, customs and practises held sacred by South African women today.  I Am Woman manages to be deep, thought provoking and highly entertaining at the same time.  While not aiming to take spirituality to the murky depths of reality TV, I Am Woman draws audiences by being 100% real, honest, raw, witty and emotionally complex – taking the holy cow out of spirituality and making it part of our everyday realities!


“I Am Womanwill be: warm, deep, funny, intelligent, spirited, real, accessible, innovative, fresh and new. It won’t be: precious, contrived, worthy, self-aware or done-before!!


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