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Rating: All Ages 

Airs: Sunday 12:30AM

Category: Drama


A darkly-hued drama about the duality of good and evil found in a decaying Irish working-class neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island. The 11-episode series stars Jason Clarke and Jason Isaacs as brothers Tommy and Michael Caffee – one a well-intended but backroom-dealing local politician, the other a career criminal.

Shot entirely in Providence and its outskirts, the series is set in a fictional Irish neighborhood called “The Hill,” a community that operates like a small town despite being part of a big city. Produced by Mandalay Television, the one-hour series depicts the underlying bond between brothers who are torn between their fierce loyalty to each other and their family, and their ambition for power and control on opposing sides of the law. As the story unfolds, State Representative Tommy Caffee tries to keep his family out of harm’s way when his brother Michael comes back into town after seven years on the run from the FBI. Upon his return, Michael sets out on a vengeful, often murderous path to reclaim his turf on “The Hill.” But emboldened rival gang boss Freddie Cork (Kevin Chapman) still holds a firm grip on “The Hill’s” underworld activities in the community, and he stops at nothing to get his way – whether blackmailing Tommy or threatening Michael’s life – in order to secure backroom deals for sweetheart city contracts.


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